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Our Marietta massage and wellness services are designed around you, your needs, and your schedule. We offer affordable, quality alternative health care that is customized to your individual needs. Equilibrium offers massage and stretching sessions starting at $35 an hour*, and right in the comfort of your own home if you so choose. We offer the ideal solution-driven approach for anyone who wants to relax, who has trouble relaxing, or who has pain, tension, or injuries, and is ready to make a difference in the quality of their life.
The approaches of our Marietta massage therapists draw upon various methods to treat the source, not just the symptoms. We focus on deep tissue massage, resistance stretching, and relaxation. Based on your individual goals, whether to eliminate pain or to prevent injury, we will develop a plan to address your specific needs. 

Deep tissue massage is a proven technique to heal the body of aches and pain, tension, and minor injuries. Resistance stretching, performed with the therapist's assistance, targets pain far more effectively than an individual's stretching efforts alone. Relaxation is for those who need a break from their daily grind and stressors that inhibit them from relaxing and enjoying their free time. We offer everything you need for Marietta pain management, prevention, and recovery.

*$35 is for the first hour of an introductory massage, for more detail on pricings click here
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